Saturday, March 7, 2009

Major Update

So I haven't updated in over a month. Well I became legal last month and yesterday I bought my first lotto ticket (and I was IDed for it).  As for college decisions, I have a few stories. This week I found out the college I applied to that's in New Mexico is planning to merge and they might not even know if they are going to merge with another college so they tell me I have to move on. I sent in my portfolio to Webster, I did get in as a degree seeking student but I still need to see if I can get into their film department. As for Columbia, I called them to see what was taking so long and it turns out that my acceptance letter was sent to the wrong address but they will mail me a new one to my actual address. 

At this point, I REALLY would love to go to Emerson. The only thing I'm waiting for is my financial aid results to come in, if that's what you would call it.