Monday, September 15, 2008

I Really Hate Headaches

Yea so currently I have this headache and uggghh it's terrible. This past weekend my basement got flooded a bit but thank god nothing was damaged.  I still can't believe there were some places that were flooded like crazy.  I really can't wait for the weekend again. I am working crazy on all these college applications. Oh and I'm halfway done with my screenplay! YAY! I'm thinking of posting it on here, hey who knows I might get discovered just like Diablo Cody got discovered on blogger. But I have a feeling that my screenplay might be longer than their limit, I really hope I don't get rejected because I went over their limit.

I'm going to go see Tina Turner in October at the United Center! I'm looking forward to it. :) As for my life, well lately it's been somewhat uneventful; mainly about all these college applications, essays etc. The good thing though is that I already found two teachers to do my letters of recommendation.  I also watched this Billy Joel special on PBS, he's such an amazing musician I really like his music.  So everyone, I shall update my life later if I do have time as I will be busy with all these applications. 


Thursday, September 4, 2008

You Can't Make Me Go!

I seriously don't want to go back to Mexico in the next....10 years or 8 years. My dad asked me today about going to Mexico for Christmas break. I told him that I'd rather fly off to Japan than go to Mexico.  Why do you ask I don't want to go back? Mainly for personal reasons surrounding my late grandma that I personally believe it's still early to reveal them, especially on here. I also honestly don't want to see anymore of my mother's side of the family.  My dad's side is all right, they're great but my mother's...eeehhh.  Let's just say I have problems with her brothers (my uncles) especially with this certain one but he lives here, GREAT! *sigh* Maybe in a year I won't have to deal with him, that is if I decide to move out for college. If I don't, I'll probably just go into hiding. Where? I don't know, I still have less than a year to figure things out. 

I honestly can't wait until I'm in the film workforce.  That way I wouldn't have to worry about him and a few other people from my mother's side of the family.  Oh and I do love my mother, but her side of the family is not very interesting in my opinion. My father's side on the other hand, they're interesting. One of my cousins is a judge, that sounds awesome, even though law does bore me and I'm more interested in the arresting part. *Hums Law & Order theme* Okay back to reality, I honestly think I have some form of ADD.  In general, no family is perfect I bet you the family I will raise won't be perfect.  

Which leads me to another thing I have been thinking about.  I honestly am thinking about homeschooling my kids, especially if I do get in the whole film scene.  But for now I really don't know. Oh yea and I have been filling out those applications like crazy. I just need to finish up that freaking screenplay and the freaking essay! EEEEK! Now that I think about it, I really can't imagine myself doing anything else but going to school five days a week and getting June-late August off. 

So I went to the chiropractor yesterday and he said he's going to teach me more exercises and I might have to have a brace on me. Not really looking forward to that, although my Orthopedist said that I don't really need a brace at the moment. I'm going to visit the orthopedist again next month and see what he has to say about my spine problem.  I honestly feel like my spine is beginning to straighten and strengthen up.  

Something that really annoyed me this past weekend when my sister came (well, actually a few things but I'll mention one) is how I told her that when I get stressed out I get cold sores. Her response was "Aren't you a bit young to get stressed and get cold sores?"-_-.  Stress can't tell age, anyone can get stressed out at any age for whatever reason. I told her my reason for stress is mainly schoolwork and now college applications.  Someone obviously needs a dose of reality.  
I like rain, especially right now, remnants of Gustav. Not a huge fan of thunder, but I do like the calming sound of rain.  Well everyone, I leave you with all of this and I shall blog later.