Monday, December 29, 2008

And in other news....

Well everyone if you haven't really figured it out I got into college! Three of the five colleges I applied to have accepted me. As of now I'm leaning towards one but I am not setting it in stone yet.  The thing is, I need some dough in order to pay college. I wish the U.S. was like Finland, all I have to worry about is admissions and not paying tuition. But sadly we do not live in a perfect world and in this part of the world I have to pay to attend college.  So currently I'm applying for some scholarships and I have to fill out the FAFSA. 

Although this is all great, my mother is already sad. She is already worried and she's not happy that I got into a college that I really want to go to. When I told her I got into a college around the area I live in she was happy. But a few weeks ago when I got into a college that was out of state she was all bland. Also more recently she's been bitching out at me for little things.  I still think that I am not her favorite but my cousin insists that I am her. But you know what? I just hate favoritism period. If she does consider me her favorite fine, if not oh well that shouldn't bring me down.  

Now let me get back to trying to figure out ideas for my youtube channel.  

Flip Camera

So this Christmas I got an awesome flip camera, which means I can upload videos on to youtube! All of this is awesome but I don't know what type of videos to post? Should I do a random show? What? Right now my wheels haven't been turning. I think I will think up of something. 

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I'm school right now. My teacher is awesome!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

So I Have Been Thinking....

If Indiana Jones and the Man with no name had a kid.....Their child would look a lot like Drover from the new movie Australia. I clearly have no life teehee. 

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I'm Tired of This...

Lately on facebook for example people have been putting on their status "FML". Seriously peoples, I get it life is hard but is FML really necessary? I understand that we all go through difficult times (more now than ever) but do we really have to go on facebook and post it as our status? That and how McCain supporters were pissed that Obama won and had to put anti-Obama things on their facebook statuses or that little square thingy that's under the profile pic.  Oh and then they go on to make antiObama flair and whine about how we're all going to die because of Obama. Then there are people who go all emo online and just sit around the computer cybermoping all day. I mean seriously people. 

You know what I say? GET SOME HELP AND GROW A PAIR! 

Thank you....I'm done...........I need to listening to "I can't get no satisfaction" by the Stones...

Friday, December 5, 2008

So nothing much has been happening

I have only heard from two colleges and got in to both of them-Webster and Depaul. I am anxiously waiting for responses from Emerson, College of Santa Fe and Columbia College.  So what will I be asking for Christmas? Well I will be asking for the flip ultra camera which looks awesome. I am going to do this awesome impersonation contest that SMA is holding. So glad that I have a built in mic. I really cannot wait for winter break-I hope these next two weeks go by fast and break goes by slow.  That's all I have to say for now.  

Monday, October 27, 2008

Guess What?


I will post to say where I got in.

*Does happy dance*

Monday, October 13, 2008

What Really Has Been Pissing Me Off (RANT, May Contain Strong Language)

So lately something has been really pushing me to the edge.  Especially now that I'm filling out all these effing applications.  I really freaking hate it when a conversation like this happens to me: 
PersonWhoHasBeenBrainwashedbytheUSEducationSystem: So what's your GPA?
I mention my GPA, which is pretty good if I have told you
PWHBBUSES: Are you taking Honors classes? 
Me: Uh, no. 

Well, here's what pissed me out of this whole conversation. Last time I checked, high school is supposed to prepare you for college. Oh and what about the kids who need more help with school because they're not as motivated or whatever.  Why is it that we treat all the smart/AP/IB/Honor Roll students well while we treat the other kids who need more help with school like crap, instead of having the smarter kids help those kids who need more help? This would make a good Penn and Teller Bullshit episode, but that's beside the point.  Can honors classes really make a kid a better person? What about their writing ability/extracurriculars/volunteer work/grades regardless of honors classes or not? Whatever happened to that? I am just really fed up with people telling me that I should have taken honors classes just because I have a pretty good GPA, so what? Are all the kids in honors classes necessarily smart? What's the point of having everyone who has a good GPA and putting all of those kids in all honors classes, what if they do okay in regular classes but when you put them in honors classes they stink? Well? 

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy October!

Yesterday was the first day of October and we have only two more months left in the year 2008 and it will soon be the year 2009. I will hopefully graduate from high school and move on to college. The economy is just wack, although it has been wack for the past few years. I am almost done with my college applications and I need to finish up my essays. Essays are evil. But I'm almost there! It's one of the reasons why I haven't been updating as frequently, that and because of all this homework. I WILL avoid senioritis.  

I'm going to go see Tina Turner in concert this Saturday and I am excited. I am also looking forward to Halloween.  I am also very much enjoying this weather.  Life is really great right now, college applications are a pain; that will soon be all over and receive acceptance letters and all that jazz.  I will hopefully finish one of my essays tomorrow to get things over with and I will go now and finishing reading the book I need to read for my English class. Later folks!


Monday, September 15, 2008

I Really Hate Headaches

Yea so currently I have this headache and uggghh it's terrible. This past weekend my basement got flooded a bit but thank god nothing was damaged.  I still can't believe there were some places that were flooded like crazy.  I really can't wait for the weekend again. I am working crazy on all these college applications. Oh and I'm halfway done with my screenplay! YAY! I'm thinking of posting it on here, hey who knows I might get discovered just like Diablo Cody got discovered on blogger. But I have a feeling that my screenplay might be longer than their limit, I really hope I don't get rejected because I went over their limit.

I'm going to go see Tina Turner in October at the United Center! I'm looking forward to it. :) As for my life, well lately it's been somewhat uneventful; mainly about all these college applications, essays etc. The good thing though is that I already found two teachers to do my letters of recommendation.  I also watched this Billy Joel special on PBS, he's such an amazing musician I really like his music.  So everyone, I shall update my life later if I do have time as I will be busy with all these applications. 


Thursday, September 4, 2008

You Can't Make Me Go!

I seriously don't want to go back to Mexico in the next....10 years or 8 years. My dad asked me today about going to Mexico for Christmas break. I told him that I'd rather fly off to Japan than go to Mexico.  Why do you ask I don't want to go back? Mainly for personal reasons surrounding my late grandma that I personally believe it's still early to reveal them, especially on here. I also honestly don't want to see anymore of my mother's side of the family.  My dad's side is all right, they're great but my mother's...eeehhh.  Let's just say I have problems with her brothers (my uncles) especially with this certain one but he lives here, GREAT! *sigh* Maybe in a year I won't have to deal with him, that is if I decide to move out for college. If I don't, I'll probably just go into hiding. Where? I don't know, I still have less than a year to figure things out. 

I honestly can't wait until I'm in the film workforce.  That way I wouldn't have to worry about him and a few other people from my mother's side of the family.  Oh and I do love my mother, but her side of the family is not very interesting in my opinion. My father's side on the other hand, they're interesting. One of my cousins is a judge, that sounds awesome, even though law does bore me and I'm more interested in the arresting part. *Hums Law & Order theme* Okay back to reality, I honestly think I have some form of ADD.  In general, no family is perfect I bet you the family I will raise won't be perfect.  

Which leads me to another thing I have been thinking about.  I honestly am thinking about homeschooling my kids, especially if I do get in the whole film scene.  But for now I really don't know. Oh yea and I have been filling out those applications like crazy. I just need to finish up that freaking screenplay and the freaking essay! EEEEK! Now that I think about it, I really can't imagine myself doing anything else but going to school five days a week and getting June-late August off. 

So I went to the chiropractor yesterday and he said he's going to teach me more exercises and I might have to have a brace on me. Not really looking forward to that, although my Orthopedist said that I don't really need a brace at the moment. I'm going to visit the orthopedist again next month and see what he has to say about my spine problem.  I honestly feel like my spine is beginning to straighten and strengthen up.  

Something that really annoyed me this past weekend when my sister came (well, actually a few things but I'll mention one) is how I told her that when I get stressed out I get cold sores. Her response was "Aren't you a bit young to get stressed and get cold sores?"-_-.  Stress can't tell age, anyone can get stressed out at any age for whatever reason. I told her my reason for stress is mainly schoolwork and now college applications.  Someone obviously needs a dose of reality.  
I like rain, especially right now, remnants of Gustav. Not a huge fan of thunder, but I do like the calming sound of rain.  Well everyone, I leave you with all of this and I shall blog later. 

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The First Week of School

Well I have survived my first week of school. Nothing too eventful happened except the lunch this year is.....terrible.  Oh well I usually bring a lunch instead of buying lunch and it's my last year in high school.  I got a crap load of homework tonight, which I thought was bad at first but then it went smoothly.  My favorite classes are-Computer Science, Physics, English, World History, well all of my classes I really enjoy. I'm surprised I actually enjoy English this year, so far.  I am maybe close to three quarters done with my screenplay and I'll have a friend proofread it.  I'm thinking about my college essays. 

My sister is coming tomorrow, I have mixed emotions on this. I want to hang out with her but at the same time I don't.  My mind is just packed with college, college, college 24/7.  Yea and my annoying bratty cousin came back a few days ago. God, lately he's been such a brat.  He's barely a teenager and he already has a freaking cell phone.  He's been messed up, he's worse than my other cousin who's one year younger than me. Honestly, I would not be surprised if he got a girl (maybe a few) pregnant. That kid is just heading down the wrong path.  I think it's because his mother is a total bitch and half time she's mad, she needs a psychiatric evaluation. Oh yea and my younger cousin too and a haircut. His hair is like one of the JoBlows.<----Me no like them (hehe, sorry for the caveman talk).  

So that's all I have to say for today. Oh and I have an appointment with the chiropractor tomorrow, who cracked me in unimaginable ways. 


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

College Applications and Miscellaneous

Well, I will soon be starting the college application process. Even though I have been working on my screenplay for one of my applications.  I need to get this whole process over with.  What I also really need is some scholarship money, aid, something. Why does money have to be a problem? Why can't we get a free college education in this country? I mean look at Finland-all the kids there can go to college for free and that's because they're the smartest kids on the planet.  

Anyways, I started school yesterday this year I get out later than I did for the past three years but I think it's worth it.  My classes are great and I have a good amount of study hall time.  I really enjoy my computer science and web design classes. I think I passed my first World Literature quiz today.  Actually, I enjoy all of my classes.  I'm also glad fall is coming around the corner because I can't stand hot weather.   I'm really just looking forward to start my film career and I know for sure that will happen. I know that I am consistent unlike some other person that I know that I won't mention their name on here or the word that I call them.  The only problem I might have is how the other day my sister was telling my mother that maybe I'll be the only one that is successful because I don't my finger off the book [or some saying like that, I'll edit later(meaning that I know what I want and I am consistent)]. 

Well I'll update later, bye! 


Sunday, August 17, 2008

School is Starting Soon

School is starting soon for me.  What are my thoughts on it? Well let's see-I don't want to go back although if I don't, I probably will never make it to college and I really don't want to drop out. I guess I should say I'm one of the first to go to college in America. I was born in the States but I have other older siblings that have spent most of their lives in Mexico. Only one, my only brother, lives in the States. The only one that has gone to college from the three is my sister (the third born) and actually completed and graduated...but that was in Mexico.  So I technically am the first to go to a college in America and I might study abroad during my college years.  I really want to go out of state although I know I will miss (most) of my family deeply. Hey, but that's why they invented the telephone right?  Holidays also exists, and four years goes by fast as I have witnessed and most of us have witnessed.  

Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's A Start

I was playing around with my blogger thing and it looks okay for now. Maybe I'll pick up some tricks on how to spice up my blog. For now we all have to deal with this.  I'll talk more tomorrow....I guess.  Or should I talk now? I really don't know.  

I Haven't Been Here.

Well, I had a xanga site and I just shut the site down because I didn't use it for over a year. So I will now use this site for blogging instead of xanga because xanga got terribly confusing and....lame.  So this is the rebirth of the E For Evey blog.  =D 

Friday, March 14, 2008

It's been almost a year.

Oh wow, it has been nearly a year since I last wrote something here.  And Easter is almost here.  I need to type up something...I'll think later.